The idea started by Naim Jabor Al Nasr (personal name) and the work was not initially in the hands of the family through the house. 

  • In 1983 he began working through the cultivation and marketing of green thyme to local markets. 
  • In the year 1987 began the idea of ​​buying a small local machines for the manufacture of thyme and marketing. 
  • In 1988 began the idea of ​​working in the field of municipal Alfrickp green and marketed in the local markets. 
  • In the year 1989 has been developed to work in the field of municipal Alfrickp green Freekeh to dry Freekeh. 
  • In the year 1990 was the opening of the headquarters to work with simple equipment in the industrial zone in Jenin. 
  • In 1991 was introduced legumes Bosnavha varied under the name of (legumes victory) were registered trade name as thyme victory. 

·        In the year 1993 line was introduced all kinds of spices. 

During the coming years there has been gradual progress in the workplace, where the high quality of the products and their entry into the area of ​​domestic commercial competition, during which originated new ideas to expand the project owner where I started the idea of ​​opening an outside line with Arab countries by participating in the annual exhibitions.


In the year 2000 were up in the first exhibition (Abu Dhabi International Exhibition) This exhibition was one of the most successful exhibitions because it was the basic building block of stone to the Arab and international markets and to identify the top traders in the various countries involved, the 

Where in this exhibition contract with Amassi company for foodstuffs, based in the UAE. 

 In the year 2002 been working on the follow-up actions required and necessary in order to establish a company, and already the company was established under the name of (Factory Co. and Victory Mills thyme and spices) and under the number (562 122 366). 

Owners of the company: 

     (1) Naim Jaber Ali Nasr ---- director of the company


The outlook for the company:


Expansion in the field of agriculture and industrial food through the expansion of automatic ovens ovens for drying vegetables required and open a production line for filtering the oil and filled as requested by the global markets.

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