Chairman's Message

 It is a great pride for me to see that a ALNASER factory &mills company, has achieved a lot of success and prosperity over the past years.

 The company has continued its quest, as a national leader in the production of foodstuffs, to achieve excellence in all aspects of its operations. Today, a recognized player in the industry with many achievements and successes. Successful record it, is undoubtedly a testament to achieve its aspirations to be a good player recognized in the global markets.

Over the past decades, it has proved lasting and vital role played by the company in the national economy on trust and reliability to ensure a permanent industrial output. Moreover, the ability to achieve positive results permanently and distinctive, operational and financial levels, confirms that it will continue its development and investment plans are successful.

The cornerstone behind a series of successes achieved by the company, certainly lies in the dedication of the management and staff in the service of our industry at the highest level of professionalism and performance. The strong partnership we have built with our customers all over the nation and the Arab markets, and their confidence in our capabilities, and high-quality products and our work teams have contributed to a large extent, to recognize and realize our vision.

There is no doubt that the journey of a thousand miles begins by step, and the development of our present, we must keep a clear vision for our future .. Yesterday was begin hands family through the house but today we have a variety of agricultural activities, industrial and commercial, based on solid foundations apply the latest management systems in the management of systems and facilities, and we look forward which is not to expand locally, but also look forward to the World all levels system and management and widespread

And bearing in mind the values ​​and principles on which we grew up and which have established our big family (family of ALNASER factory &mills company) To each member of its personnel, investment in human development is the key to business success and continuity

The outlook for success related to the measurement of customer satisfaction and meet their aspirations and needs.

We still continue to strive to improve our performance and find the best, and look for new opportunities to increase our activities inside and outside the country, so I pray to God Almighty to continue our company, her career and contribute to the prosperity of our national economy and promote the development of our children and our future society 


General manager 

Naim Jaber Ali Nasr


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